Waldhof Real Estate Property Management Services

1. Staff Management

  • Comprehensive contract, salary, and holiday management.
  • ⁠Regular liaison for seamless operational paperwork.
  • Coordination with accountants on employment-related matters.
  • Reconciliation of cash and card expenses.
  • Management, organization, and supervision of all staffing needs.
  • Provision of additional staff for enhanced cleaning and service requirements.
  • Pre-arrival checks of villa appliances, ensuring readiness of cleaning, heating, air conditioning, audio/visual systems, etc., plus coordination of any special requests like flowers and groceries.

2. Security Oversight

  • Monitoring and regular review of security contracts.
  • ⁠Coordination and supervision of security interventions to ensure optimal performance.

3. Financial Coordination

  • Thorough preparation and reconciliation of accounts with bank statements.
  • ⁠Management of expenditures, invoices, and budgeting processes.
  • ⁠Annual and monthly financial reporting to optimize cost management.

4. Utilities Management

  • Handling of all utility contracts and bills.
  • Proactive problem solving and invoice auditing.
  • ⁠Liaison with utility suppliers for contract modifications, renewals, and technical issues.
  • Management of subscriptions such as international television and internet services, ensuring proper setup.

Custom Requests

We are experienced in providing services to cater to the unique desires of tour clients, whether it’s sourcing rare items, arranging private concerts, or anything else that can enhance the client’s lifestyle or property value.

The essence of Waldhof Real Estate’s concierge services lies in providing an effortless and refined living experience, where every need or want is just a request away. These services not only enhance the comfort and luxury of the high-end lifestyle but also add significant value to the property and the living experience in one of the world's most exclusive locations.

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